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Emmy Tiptoe WIP by StephanieReeves Emmy Tiptoe WIP by StephanieReeves
This is just something I doodled up on the computer one day. If you're familiar with my sketchbook you might recognize the pose. I originally drew the body (from the thighs up) from an ad I saw on some site I had visited.

There are a lot of things that need work here, her feet being one of them, and there's something funky I think with the width of her legs? I have yet to do a complete anatomy overlay. Her face has already been cleaned up so I just need to work my way down the rest of the body. I'm trying to go for a 'realistic' style here. Maybe not photo-realistic, but something that people won't classify as comic-ey or anime-ish. Trying to stretch the old realistic-style drawing skills and what not (if you don't use it you lose it as it were).

But yes. A crit would be wonderful but try to be gentle? If you can't just put a lot of smiley faces or something. XD

*EDIT November 13th* I replaced the original file with a newer version that I've poked at. I think her anatomy is significantly better than it was, although it's probably not perfect x_x
Hey Steph! So glad to see more art from you around these parts. I hope this is the start of a trend!:D Forgive me if my star ratings are in the middle, but I view this as a very unfinished concept so rating it wouldn't be fair till we have a better idea overall of what's going on and the direction of this piece.

First off, I've done a redline comparison for you here - [link]

Visual Flow
The main things that stand out to me are a few key areas that are really breaking up the visual flow, these areas being the character's face, right foot, and left arm. Looking at what these three areas have in common, my guess is that they are all a dead on perspective while the rest of the body and motion of the figure are from a POV that's hovering slightly above the character and to the side, looking down at her.

I added a line in this piece to define the floor, as I feel this might help ground the figure a little better and also gives you a surface to plant her feet on.

The perspective leads us into the anatomy, which seems to be at a mixed bag of perspective. My best suggestion here is try to ground her in a scene first before putting in so much detail so you save yourself some pain later on.

I've done a few changes here and there suggesting what might be in foreshortening and where you might need more muscular tension, such as the feet. The biggest issue with the feet is that when we tip toe, our arches stretch, elongating the feet somewhat (which also might be why you felt the toes looked stubby).

I've also changed the angle on the face because I think not having the face so dead on gives her pose a little more motion. The same with her left arm, which is a strict, static profile perspective. I've shown that arm bending and foreshortened in my redline, as if she's bracing herself, should she be caught. You can do a lot with that arm rather than have it create that static straight line that it's doing right now, which technically *isn't* wrong, but could be posed differently to really pack a visual punch!

Push the Narrative
My last bit of advice would be to try to plan out your scenes and compositions first. There are a lot of interesting questions I'm asking myself while I try to piece together this scene. Why is she tip-toeing? Is she in danger? WHO is she in danger from? Having her pictured peering around a corner while hiding in shadow with a mystery figure unawares in the background is just one way you could really help frame the scene. Otherwise, we have a very pretty character here who is pretty, but not as engaging as she could be if we put her in a scene, which it feels to me she's just BEGGING to be put in one!

Unless of course this is just character drawing practice, where the focus is meant to be the detail of her clothing and anatomy, in which case, I suggest a less challenging perspective, like they do with the fashion croquis, so you can focus more on the character's personality and detail rather than trying to unite her with an unseen perspective narrative that needs to be filled in.

Hope this helps some and good luck! Draw like a madwoman!:D
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Malbi88 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
The feet seem like they are too short and stubby, especially the one in the background. There is something off about the torso length and arm length but I'm not sure if its the arms are too long or the torso is supposed to be inclined. The arm on the right side doesn't seem to have an elbow could be the cloth but it feels more like a tube with a hand on the end of it. On the positive the face looks really good I think the legs are fine its just the feet that need addressing and the outfit is interesting.
StephanieReeves Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Professional General Artist
lol yeah the legs are possibly the most anatomically correct part there. I went and tweaked a few things before I read your comment but hopfully it addressed the issues anyway :p Thanks for the crit!
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